Resource Protection

Our Mission Statement

“To protect the Olympic Coast’s natural and cultural resources through responsible stewardship, to conduct and apply research to preserve the area’s ecological integrity and maritime heritage, and to promote understanding through public outreach and education.”

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is one of our nation’s most treasured marine areas. The mission we’ve been given is to protect this area and ensure future generations are able to use and enjoy it too. Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary provides jobs, attracts millions to favorite vacation spots, serves as natural classrooms for our children and young adults, and hold secrets to our past and promises for the future. The sanctuary is a national trust that we all have a responsibility to protect and enjoy. This means we manage the sanctuary to both conserve its resources and encourage uses compatible with conservation.

With the National Marine Sanctuaries Act (NMSA), Congress directs the Secretary of Commerce and NOAA to identify, designate and manage National Marine Sanctuaries for the American people. Federal law also provides national marine sanctuaries the authority to adopt Regulations and issue Permits for certain activities. Congress also directs each National Marine Sanctuary to have a management plan and to periodically review and update the plan. Olympic Coast NMS completed an update of its Management Plan in 2011. For additional documents and information, browse our Public Documentssection.